ST. MARTIN PARISH, La (KLFY) Since 2008, feeding alligators in St. Martin Parish has been illegal.

A recent revision to the ordinance is allowing more leniency.

Parish President Chester Cedars says the revisions were from requests by tour guide services.

“That is my understanding” he says “asking the council to reconsider the ban that was imposed in 2008.”

Cedars mentioned the biggest issue the council had when revising the ordinance is how to make the ruling fair for everyone.

“What it is we can do that will still create a safe environment for visitors and at the same time would not impede the ability of licensed individuals to harvest alligators and would not impede boat tour operators.”

When asked how the change can affect the swamp tour business and the safety of the community, he said, it should not impact anyone in a negative way.

“I believe the ordinance will not have a negative impact on the tour guide business.”

Cedars also mentioned how it will not have any affect on the general public for feeding alligators.

The goal of the new ordinance is to allow people to have closer contact with Louisiana gators and to help the tourism industry in the parish.