St. Landry trash bridge sees improvements to structural damages


A St. Landry Parish bridge that’s an important part of getting trash moved out of the area is facing structural problems.

The bridge is located just off of Hwy-182 on the way to Lebeau.

“We’d be over our heads in garbage in St. Landry Parish in a week,” says St. Landry Parish President Bill Fontenot.

Hundreds of trash trucks make their way down solid waste bridge road every day.

“Over this bridge, the landfill takes in 3 and 400 hundred tons of assorted trash a day,” says Richard Lebouef of the St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Facility.

The St. Landry Parish landfill is only about a mile away from the bridge which makes it vital for not only trucks to drive over it but citizens of St. Landry as well.

But recently, the bridge got a tough diagnosis.

“It was determined that it’s losing it’s strength and potentially could without repair come under some failure,” says Fontenot.

Nearly 300 tons of trash is transferred there every day.

If the bridge were to come to a close, all of that would come to halt.

“If we have to transport that elsewhere, we’re looking at in the neighborhood of about $75 dollars a ton and that would be a severe burden to the taxpayers and everybody else,” says Lebouef.

The bridge did have some repair work as part of a $36,000 dollar maintenance project, but it isn’t out of the woods yet.

“For the future we do have this bridge on the list of bridges to hopefully be replaced and with some federal dollars and that could cost you know three-quarters of a million dollars plus,” says Fontenot.

Fontenot says the bridge will be re-evaluated again in six months.

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