EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – A family needs help rebuilding after strong winds blew their carport roof off Thursday night.

Carolyn Bennett, who has been living in her trailer since 1981, shared with News 10 that while she was a work Thursday evening, she saw she got a missed call from her boyfriend. 

“I guess he had tried to call, but I didn’t hear the phone; it was in the office. So I called and he told me I needed to get home, so I did,” said Bennett

When she returned home, all she could express was, “Oh my gosh. Here we go again.” 

John Ware, her boyfriend, shared what it was like inside the trailer when the carport roof came off. He was there with their two dogs. 

“I was watching the news last night, and it went to lighting really loud, so I turned the tv off. Then it got really quiet, then the wind came. Just tore everything up. Just tore the roof off,” he said. 

He said the sound of the high winds was like nothing he had ever heard before. When the roof ripped off, he ran toward the middle of the trailer. Bennett said her granddaughter who lives across the street also saw a lot of lighting. Then all of a sudden it got still, and then the winds began to pick up following heavy rain. 

“I think we’re going to have to pull the whole thing off. Maybe not this section but the back section,” said the homeowner. “I think it’s going to cost about $5,000. We’re going to have to put some tar on the roof. The water was pouring down on the stove and the refrigerator, and you can see where the water was up under the part of the roof.” 

Unfortunately, this is not her first experience with mother nature destroying her home. Bennett said in 1992 a tornado hit the trailer, it took the roof off and the floor fell in. 

“Everything had to move out for three months. I had insurance at the time, and they fixed it. This time I don’t have insurance,” she said.

Currently, without insurance, she worries about how she will pay for the repairs. 

“I don’t know what we can do,” said Bennett. 

If you would like to help Bennett pay for a new roof, contact her at 337-466-8475 or 337-466-8080.