EUNICE, La. (KLFY)– Lucille LeJeune, 73, of Eunice says she lost $25,600 when contracting Aucoin Nails It Construction, LLC to complete work on her home.

But the construction company said it’s done the work that has been paid for.

LeJeune said she learned of Brent Aucoin, of Maurice, from seeing him do work on other homes in the community. Aucoin also fixed an outside gate at her home. Thus beginning their business arrangement in November. LeJeune asked Aucoin if he could update the inside of her home as well.

According to LeJeune, Aucoin agreed to do painting work, repairs inside the house, and add a wash house to the home so that LeJeune no longer had to leave home to do laundry. The completed wash house was attached to her home, stocked with a washer, dryer, sink, toilet, and shower inside. Aucoin quoted her for all the work she wanted done.

She paid $5,000 for painting materials in November. Then spent $12,600. LeJeune says Aucoin wanted another payment of $11,000 but she refused because, she said, she had paid someone before and the work was never completed.

“So I offered him $8,000 rather than $11,000,” she said.

She said Aucoin was not happy about it but took the money. She totaled everything to $25,600. She still owed $14,200. LeJeune says Dec. 6 was her last encounter with the contractor after he requested a portion of the outstanding balance without completing the repairs.

“This was supposed to be towards the house and all the work he wrote in the contracts. This is all of his doing, not mine. The only work that was done was the wash house. That’s all that was done. He never did that work inside my house. Not one thing,” LeJeune told News 10.

The last time she saw Aucoin, he took all of his things with him and reassured her that he would return to finish the job. However, she said Aucoin called her back, asking her for the remaining money again. Aucoin claims differently.

“The reason it is not finished is that she was trying to add more stuff,” Aucoin said. “The stuff inside her house had to come after the painting, like the addition being built, because everything needed paint after.”

He said for his labor LeJeune paid $5,700 in cash and $19,900 for materials which all have been used. He also said he allowed discounts for her to help with the cost of things. 

“She’s trying to get us to finish the whole entire job and then get paid. That’s not the way things work. People do not work for free. We never agreed to do the addition and the paint and then get paid. On the contract that we gave her. It clearly is separated into portions with a price for each portion,” said Meghan Aucoin, a partner in the company. 

However, both said they became suspicious of LeJeune because a neighbor told them their son-in-law did a painting job for her and claimed she never paid them. 

“We were asking her when we were done with the addition. You need to pay us for the addition or labor, and then we’ll start on your painting, and then you pay us for the painting when it is done. We weren’t asking her for any money that we didn’t deserve,” Meghan Aucoin said. 

Brent Aucoin said he confronted LeJeune about it and wanted to solidify if he would get paid since he was working there. 

“She doesn’t want to give us any more money,” Meghan Aucoin said. “I don’t know if she thinks the money that she gave us, in the beginning is enough when you add things that you want to be done. You have to pay for that, and that’s what she does not understand.”

“LeJeune didn’t understand the pricing of things,” she added. “So he tried to explain it to her one more time, and we couldn’t get her to understand. So he told her, we’re not going to be coming back to do work for you because you don’t want to pay us.”

LeJeune says she doesn’t know her next steps, but if the contractor could come back and finish the work, she would pay the remaining balance.

The Better Business Bureau tells News 10 the business is registered with the Secretary of State but not licensed with the State Contractors Board. Therefore, according to state regulations, he is not required to license for any project under $7,500 value.