ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — In St. Landry Parish, officials shared how the town of Melville plans to move forward after the passing of Mayor Velma Hendrix.

St. Landry Parish Clerk of Court, Charles Jegneaux, said, “The process from this point on when someone passes away, either during qualifying or during the election, the qualifying will be reopened until Monday. If no one qualifies then the person with the highest number of votes in the elections so far will become the mayor.”

Based on the Nov. 8th elections, this would make Sheila Londerno the new Mayor of Melville.

However, Jegneaux said there will be a second election in Dec. if any new candidates qualify.

“If someone qualifies then there would be a 3 or 4 way race to be decided on December 10 for the mayor position,” Jegneaux said.

With Hendrix’s term as mayor lasting until Jan., Jegneaux said the council can select an interim mayor until a new candidate is elected.

“My understanding is that the council can appoint an interim mayor with approval from the governor I believe to act until then, I believe the term begins in January,” Jegneaux said.