ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Following new garbage contracts creating a delay in service across St. Landry Parish, Waste Connections is responding to comments made about their company.

Market Development Manager for Waste Connections Jamie Gilbert told News 10 that “One of the comments made was that we left trash down for 2 to 3 weeks and that’s inaccurate, we even pulled our tonnages from the trucks that dump, I was out in the field we ran two extra trucks during the week to make sure we picked up all the trash because we wanted to leave the parish in as good a state or better than when we took it over.”

Following several comments made about Waste Connections, Gilbert said that a cease and desist letter has been issued to St. Landry Parish solid waste.

“It got aired up the chain with our corporation and they said this is enough. So we did have a cease and desist letter sent out for anything that can be considered defamatory or slander or anything like that that just is not truthful,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert also told News 10 that the cease and desist is an effort to prevent further inaccurate information from tarnishing the company.

“It can tarnish our reputation because we do service Acadiana and all the other parishes around here, so we want to be clear because we’re proud of the service we provide. We were part of this community for 15 years and did the best we could, I even ran extra trucks, which cost us money, but I ran extra trucks to make sure the garbage was coming up every day.”

Gilbert said that it’s up to waste connections’ attorneys to decide if legal actions will be taken further.