WASHINGTON, La. (KLFY) — Communication issues between parents and the school board continue as a mother voices concern for the safety of her son during his morning walk to the bus in total darkness.

Lisa Poole, concerned parent, stated “The school board system said my son’s bus route is now on Kavanaugh and Vine, that over a quarter mile down from where I live. The road is dark, there is no sidewalk, woods, and a graveyard, and no lights on the road. It’s too dark, and that’s too far for my child to walk.”

Poole’s son has to walk over a quarter mile to the bus stop to get to school in the morning. His walk takes him down Kavanaugh street in Washington, Louisiana in the early hours of the morning. The street has no street lights or sidewalks, creating an unsafe environment to walk.

Due to her work schedule, Poole is unable to drive her son to the bus stop on time. Poole said the school bus picked up her son at their home in previous years. She called the school board to find out why the pick-up location changed.

Poole said, “I have to work in the morning, I have to be there for 6:30. There is no way I can get him to the bus route and get to work in Lafayette on time. I spoke with someone at the school board, she tells me it’s only three-eighths of a mile and that it’s the parent’s responsibility to get kids to the bus route.”

Poole also said communication needs to improve between schools and parents, especially when student safety is a concern. “They have to realize they have working parents and some of us are single parents and need our kids to get to school. But the safety of my son, my child cannot keep walking down that dark road by himself, you’ve seen how dark that road is.”

News 10 has reached out to members of the St. Landry Parish School Board, we are still waiting on a response.