ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — We have an update in the investigation involving Johnathon Zenon, 59, who was attacked by five pit bulls on Aug. 31 in Sunset.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says the dogs owner, Elton Shelvin is being charged with negligent injury and was cited on September 14, by the Sheriff’s Office. 

“It’s a citation, it’s a misdemeanor citation,” Guidroz said.

“If the District Attorney chooses to follow up with the charges we presented, that’s his option, and then again, they may up the charges. The judge can also decide what the sanctions are, but the ticket we gave him is to appear in court to see what happens there.” 

Guidroz says the owner is responsible for the damages, the civil damage, and the criminal damage for being cited.

Any civil problems, he says, is left to the victim as to whether or not he will pursue it.

Parish President Jessie Bellard said over the last week, animal control workers were able to interact with the pit bulls they have in custody and told him the dogs were very vicious. 

“They can not get inside those cages. There is no way a human person can have any interaction with them. We are going to petition the courts of the 27JDC to have those dogs euthanized, and as deemed to vicious and at that point we are going to euthanize them and take them out of that area where they are coming from.”

Zenon says he is happy matters are moving forward and says he is doing better and waiting to get his stitches removed.

He also thanks Former State Representative Rickey Hardy for getting involved to get something done and bringing awareness to the Luna McDaniel Act

“I feel good about it, but something needs to be done because the only thing that happens if this doesn’t get handled, the guy is going to get him more dogs. I was just lucky, not lucky, truly blessed that I got out of there, but the average person probably won’t. A kid won’t and I don’t think he should own a dog any more if he figures his dog is smarter than him. You shouldn’t own a dog if you can’t detain them.”