PORT BARRE, La. (KLFY) – Whether you’re buying a fresh batch of cracklins or a tank of gas down the street, you’re playing a big part in helping the town of Port Barre.

Mayor of Port Barre John Ardoin told News 10, “Well this weekend is our Cracklin Festival, it’s our big event of the year for the town of port barre. It brings in thousands and thousands of people and we’ll probably double or triple our population this weekend.”

With so many visitors coming to Port Barre this weekend, Ardoin said that it creates a huge source of revenue to help the town.

“One of our big incomes and big sources of income is sales tax. And as people come through town they buy from local stores and they buy from our local gas stations and such so that helps revenue for the town of Port Barre. Being a small town with very few revenue devices here, this is a big one for us,” Ardoin said.

While providing revenue for the town, the Cracklin Festival is also a chance for visitors to see just what Porte Barre is all about.

“It means bringing people to town and letting people see just what the town of Port Barre is, see where we are and what we’re doing. It puts us on the map and see that we’re a small community, very close, and we’re a nice place to be,” Ardoin told News 10.