SUNSET, La. (KLFY) – It was three in the morning when Harold Brooks says he heard his smoke detector and pick-up truck alarm going off from inside his bedroom.

“I got up and then came through the front of the kitchen door, opened the door and the garage was inflamed,” said Harold Brooks. He said he’s not sure what caused the fire. “This is all of what I had. The home was paid for everything, and this is it. I got to start all over again,” said Brooks.

His home and his pick-up truck are a total loss. “It was a Chevy S10 2001. I did everything in that pick-up truck,” he said. The only thing they managed to save was memories of his niece who was in the Miss Louisiana pageant. Brooks said he live there for more than 40-years. The home is where he and his wife raised their kids. “That’s it, everything is destroyed,” he said.

A neighbor, Rashida Sharlot says Brooks tried to save his home. “Mr. Harlod caught the hose and was trying to put out the fire and his brother took the hose from him but then it started shocking him somehow someway,” said Rashida Sharlot.

“Eventually the fire department came, and they were able to put it out but eventually everything was pretty much lost by then,” she said. She compared Brooks to a man in the Bible. “When I think about Mr. Harold I think about Job, he has went through a lot of struggles. He lost his son five years ago then his wife two years ago and then here he has to go through losing all the memories and everything that he built right here but yet and still he still remains faithful,” said Sharlot.

For now, Brooks is staying with a family member. The community brought gifts to help him get by. “I know that Mr. Harold is a very faithful God-fearing man, and he knows that God has him no matter what and with the community behind him I know that they will get through this together,” she said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help Harold Brooks rebuild.