SUNSET, La. (KLFY) — In St. Landry Parish, residents in Sunset are voicing frustration over discolored water, saying it’s been an issue for five years.  

Deena Courville, a resident of Sunset, said “This has been going on for the past five years, try living here for five years and see this happens on a weekly basis, not just occasionally, on a weekly basis we have to deal with this. We need help, we need help over here in Sunset.”

Courville is among the Sunset residents consistently dealing with discolored water.

She said residents have voiced frustration about the water for over a year, hoping for resolution.

The water issues have not only raised health concerns, but Courville also said the water is creating a financial burden with utility prices and purchasing additional water at the store.

“We still have to pay our monthly water bill and on top of that we have to go to the store and purchase cases of water to be able to drink and cook with,” Courville said. “We can’t invite people over here with brown water. No one wants to eat food from here without us guaranteeing we’re cooking with bottled water from the store. And bathing, I wouldn’t wash my dog’s feet in that.”

After reaching out to the town of Sunset, Mayor Charles James said the town has been given the all clear to begin work on a new water well, as well as water treatment facilities, to bring clear water back to residents.

“We’re in the process of drilling a new well which should start probably next week,” James said. “We’re drilling a test well, then from that point on we’re going to go full fledge and drill another water well. We’ve got a treatment plant we’re going to be putting in and a filtration plant that’s going to filter the water. Time is the only thing that’s an issue right now.”

James said the test well being drilled next week will go through a testing process, ensuring the water is clean and drinkable.

A new filtration plant will also be designed before drilling of the new well begins.