SUNSET, La. (KLFY) — A Sunset man received keys to his new home after he lost everything in a house fire in January.

Harold Brooks said he’s been living with a family member next door and only had a few memories left from the fire. Brooks said shortly after the fire, his co-workers offered to build him a brand new home and give him a new truck.

“The people that I work with… They came over here to help me clean everything off and we just went from there,” Brooks explained.

Brooks says he constantly asks himself what he did to deserve “such a blessing.”

“I never thought it would be me,” said Brooks. His supervisors, friends, and family all say he’s deserving.

“Harold is a very deserving guy,” his supervisor at Glen Lege construction said.

One of his daughters mentioned, “My father is definitely a pillar of the community. He is definitely deserving of this.”

Harold Brooks worked for Glen Lege construction for over 20 years.

The home was provided by DSLD homes and Glenn Lege Construction.