OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — The police department in Opelousas released their crime statistics comparing last year to this year, with hopes to show that progress is being made.

The police department revealed an improvement in most categories of crime, including a 54% decrease in shootings compared to last year and a 30% increase in arrests.

These results come seven months after Police Chief Graig LeBlanc set the goal to increase patrols across the city and keep officers involved in the community.

Residents like Ros feels like involvement like this feel has been effective.

“As far as 50%, I’m not sure, but for sure I have noticed a decrease in the shootings as far as I’ve heard of,” Ros said. “There’s been more patrolling. As well as, just in the neighborhoods, hearing it.”

While increased patrol has resulted in a decrease in crime, Curtis Davis, an Opelousas resident, said it has also resulted in more people feeling safe to go outside and strengthened the faith in the community.

“They have less people walking the street and doing less crime I’ve noticed that,” Davis said. “I feel a little bit safer, and I noticed the people of Opelousas, a lot of them are praying now with the ministers and preachers. And I see us getting stronger with the less crime that’s been going on.”

Other residents like Toby Sebastien recognize that crime will always be present. He is happy to see steps in the right direction.

“It’s alright, that’s all I can say,” Sebastien said. “You know, it’s like anywhere else you go, there’s crime everywhere. You just try to be aware of your surroundings and don’t ever let you guard down.”

The police department did add although the numbers are improving, the work is far from over.