ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office is cracking down on firearm dealers and sellers.

The crackdown on firearm purchases mandates commercial and private dealers and sellers to report anyone who is denied.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff, Bobby Guidroz, said dealers and sellers are required by law to report anyone who is denied the purchase of a firearm.

“They are mandated by law to report to the sheriff any denials,” Guidroz said.

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz said licensed dealers can face consequences of being fined up to $5,000, sentenced up to five years in jail and will permanently lose their license if they fail to make a report.

“Not only can the person applying get sentenced and convicted of a felony, but the firearms dealer whether it’s a commercial or a private licensed firearms dealer,” Guidroz said. “I will report them to the national center for firearms licensing and they will lose their licenses and face consequences.”

Sage Leger with St. Landry Lumber said when a person is denied the purchase of a firearm, they report the denial to the sheriff’s office and a detective begins to investigate the matter.

“But then we also call it in they send a detective over, we hand them the paperwork, we fill out a report and they take their investigation from there,” Leger said.

Anyone who is a convicted felon, has a protective order against them for domestic violence or has mental health issues prohibiting them from owning a firearm will be denied the purchase.