ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — In St. Landry Parish, Parish President Jessie Bellard launched a new investigation division specifically for parish complaints, both civil and criminal.

The investigators will cover cases of animal abuse, litter blocking roads and drainage as well as overgrown abandoned properties.

Bellard told News 10, “We’ve been trying to get some cases worked, so I met with the sheriff and he agreed to commission two people to work for parish government with our animal control division, but they also have other roles.”

As of this week, the division has two full time investigators on staff deputized in the parish. Bellard said more will be hired if it means keeping the parish clean.

“It’s not a law enforcement problem when it comes to the civil side, so it’s not something for the sheriff to do,” Bellard said. “So these guys can handle both criminal and civil, that’s going to help us with nuisance problems in the parish like our tall grasses and our vacant buildings.”

“These guys are taking their jobs seriously like the should be because these are problems across the entire parish,” Bellard continued. “We’re hoping two people can do that but if it gets to a point where they can’t then we will hire more investigators to make that happen.”

Investigators made their first arrest on Monday involving charges of animal cruelty.