ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY)– A St. Landry Parish government employee has resigned following an investigation surrounding accusations of alleged forgery.

Parish President Jessie Bellard says, “The people voted me in to make sure what we do with the money is the right thing.”

Last Friday, the employee was placed on paid leave.

Bellard says this comes after an investigation into alleged forgery on federal paperwork.

“I believe the person who did all of this was not doing anything for themselves, but making sure people got help sooner rather than later,” Bellard explains.

The woman in question worked in the Community Action Department under parish government.

The paperwork in question are applications for federal assistance paying outstanding balances on electricity bills.

Bellard continues, “When the federal government gives us money and says this is how it needs to be used, that is how we will do it.”

He explains the investigation was launched following the parish auditor requesting documents about one particular applicant.

The investigation shows initially the applications not signed but the next day a signature appears.

However, Bellard says there is no record of anyone coming in to sign the documents.

“The end result would have been the same. The people who applied would have been eligible but proper paper work has to be done,” Bellard adds.

He tells News Ten as soon as he was notified about the inaccuracy, proper protocols were taken.

“The law says I have to notify the Sheriff, the D.A., and Legislature Auditor’s Office and I have done that.”