St. Landry Parish, La. (KLFY) — The family of Nathaniel Lee Melancon, 36 of St. Landry Parish need help finding him.

“Nathaniel Melancon is a son, he’s a sibling, he’s a cousin, he’s a nephew, and the most important role I believe that a man could play is he’s a loving father,” said his cousin Stephaine Smith.

“We want everyone out there to treat it as if it was their family member, their loved one, and help us find Nathaniel.”

He reportedly went missing March 29, 2022, in Grand Coteau.

Melancon is described as a Black male with brown eyes, 6’1, and weighs approx. 240 pounds.

“This is not Nathaniel. Nat, he never leaves this long or any period without calling somebody. He hasn’t called his mother. He hasn’t called me or anybody we know,” his father Joseph Melancon said.

He recalls the last time he saw his son.

“He was staying at my house for a little bit. He came to visit, and one morning he and I were sitting under the carport talking, but he seemed a little depressed.”

Melancon said he suggested that he get help for his depression, but he declined.

“He decided no, I’m going to leave, and I said don’t leave,” he recalls.

“I said let me either take you to get some help you’re depressed and he said no.”

Now he says that since his son has been gone, he has been in pain, missing him.

“I’m really in pain, but God is holding me up, so give us a call, son.”

Joseph adds that Nathaniel’s fiancée, and daughter Brianna Melancon and the family dog Cain also miss him.

“We miss you, we want to see you. We need you. Your mom and dad also need you,” said a family member holding a sign with photos of Nathaniel and a message saying to return home.

Nathaniel’s vehicle is described as a 2009 dark burgundy Honda Accord, without hubcaps, license plate: 544 BFC.

The Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s office reportedly has located and recovered the car from the Sherburne Wildlife Management Area at Whiskey Bay.

The Melancon family says they are a praying family and will continue to stand on their faith, hoping for Nathaniel to return home.

“Standing on the word because we feel that if we can stand on the word knowing that there is a God in heaven and he’s going to take care of Nathaniel, either way, and if we didn’t have that to stand on I believe that I wouldn’t be sitting here speaking now. I’ll probably be a wreck,” said Joseph. “We all love you and care for you and want you to be here with us, but we want to make sure you’re ready for this,” he adds.

Please contact the Grand Coteau Police Department, Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s Office, or St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office if you have any information.