ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — A confederate monument in front of the St. Landry Parish Courthouse will soon be removed. The parish council voted tonight to remove the monument.

Charles Cravins, Former St. Landry Parish District Attorney Charles Cravins, is the man who spearheaded the fight to take it down. He and some community members said they’re happy to see it go.

“We came here confident that the St. Landry Parish Council would do the right thing and remove this monument square, and they’ve done it,” Cravins said.

Cravins pushed the issue of removing the Confederate monument because it was placed in front of the courthouse to intimidate African Americans and prevent them from voting, he said. Cravins called the monument a reminder of a dark history.

“It’s about dignity,” Cravins said. “It’s about everyone being treated the same. As I said tonight, we can’t just go along to get along. In order for us to really get along, we have to be equal and we have to look at each other as equals.”

While some community members said they are happy the monument is being removed, they criticized the parish government for dragging the issue out for several months.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran, and it’s a shame that St. Landry Parish can’t get together and make a decision,” St. Landry Parish resident Roger Malvo said. “All the other states that have made this decision to take confederate things down. Why can’t we do it here?”

Cravins said the council made the right decision to remove the monument, regardless of the amount of time it took for them to make that decision.

“I believe in the people of the parish and I’m proud of the parish council for their actions,” Cravins said.

After the monument is removed, it will be donated to either the Sons or Daughters of the Confederacy.