ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — School officials in St. Landry Parish say they are using the summer months to keep in contact with students and parents.

Each school board member selected a family from their respected district to keep in close contact.

“It’s a two-fold, creating relationships between families and communities but also building relationships in the families itself.” Tawaswha Thomas, Coordinator of Parent and Family Engagement says.

The “Be Engaged” initiative in St. Landry Parish keeps school officials, elected leaders and parents engaged in educational and school activities.

“We have to have a line of communication between families and communities and families and schools,” Thomas said.

She says the summer months are the best time to open up to students and their families.

Thomas continues, “Eliminating some brain drain with summer months.”

Thomas says while training the families to become Ambassadors for the district, students are introduced to instructional text and lessons they can take with them back into the classrooms.

“They make model and put them into their little museums, and we go around and look at each family presentations,” adds Thomas.