ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — A shooting in Melville has left one man hospitalized and afraid to return home.

The victim’s father, Matthew Vaughn Jr. is waiting for justice to be served.

“I’m looking for justice for my son, he’s been shot since last Saturday and no one has been arrested yet. He’s afraid when he gets out of the hospital that they might come back to finish the job,” he told News 10.

The victim, Matthew Vaughn III, relived the tragic moments of Oct. 22.

“I was at home when all three of them pulled up in the road. The next thing I know they got out of the vehicle, the little one said we’re going to pistol whip you so the little one hit me in the mouth with the butt of the gun. His grandfather said if you’re a man you’d shoot him, so he shot me,” Vaughn III said.

Vaughn Jr. told News 10 that “the bullet tore a lot of stuff up on his inside. His large intestine had to be removed, and they had to repair his small intestine. The bullet went through his bladder and lodged in his hip right past his kidney.”

With gun violence involving minors increasing across Acadiana, Vaughn Jr. said that violators should face punishment no matter how old they are.

“If they do the crime they should be able to do the time. If they’re running around shooting, killing people, they go to jail, and next thing you know they’re right back out. There should be a place to send them where they could stay. It’s just gotten too bad everywhere.”

The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the matter with hopes to find a suspect.