ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says because of the surge in fentanyl arrests and seizures his office saw the need to get funding to pursue the ongoing and deadly crisis.

“People want this stuff off the streets” Guidroz said.

The grant is valued at $45K.

“It helps with undercover operations and to purchase technical equipment that aids us. We’ve been successful.”

The four month undercover operation assist police with the fentanyl problem, it will also be used to confiscate dangerous weapons as well.

“We have seized 65 weapons associated with drug activity,” Guidroz said.

He says the operation’s main goal is to stop violent drug and weapon offenders from terrorizing the smaller municipalities and communities.

“The small communities and rural areas are where a lot of activity is happening and we decided we would go in and help local police departments.”

Guidroz says it is through community support and information that the operations have been successful thus far.

“We have many hours of undercover surveillance, confidential sources.”

Guidroz continues to urge the public to speak up and report any illegal activity. He says all callers and tips will remain anonymous.