EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — A second worker at Pumpkin Patch Daycare in Eunice has been arrested for mistreatment of children.

Kaitlyn Andrepont Doucet, 27, of Church Point was arrested by Eunice Police and charged with six counts of principal to cruelty to juveniles, authorities said.

Kaitlyn Andrepont Doucet

The daycare has been under fire since KLFY obtained videos of toddlers and young children having slices of cheese thrown on their faces, being intentionally frightened to the point of tears and taped to a chair by employees of the facility.

Previously, Alyssa Eve Dupre, 23, of Oakdale was arrested in connection with the incident on a felony warrant for six counts of cruelty to juveniles. 

Bond details for Doucet have not been released.