ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) – A safe school program is officially underway at the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office

The program allows patrol officers, DARE officers, and school resource officers to patrol, monitor, and evaluate schools 24/7. Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux says that Uvalde taught law enforcement there is no way to know what will happen no matter how much training is done.

Over the summer the Sheriff’s Office took strides in revising and adding new training and tools when it comes to school safety. Since the beginning of the school year, Thibodeaux says all patrol officers, SROs, and DARE officers have conducted over 300 school checks. The checks occur 24/7 and include campus walkthroughs and door checks. “We had to go back into our training and say let’s ramp up security and training,” says Thibodeaux.

To date, deputies have met with principals at the ten parish schools to discuss safety. Active shooter attacker training has been provided to five schools with an additional nine scheduled for September and October. Three lockdown drills have been conducted with six coming in September. Ten compliance inspections have been completed with the findings reported. “He doesn’t bang on doors. He just quietly checks all doors, files a report that goes to the sheriff and school board,” Thibodeaux continues. 

The training is not limited to just inside schools. He says they have offered it to bus drivers as well. Thibodeaux adds, “They are traveling with our most prized commodities, our children.”

DARE and school resources officers have begun teaching core classes in the parish. They patrol schools when not teaching, while also conducting school safety checks and assisting with drop off and pick up times. Thibodeaux explains, “They are at the playground with the kids and at lunch. They are walking through the schools.”