LAWTELL, La (KLFY) — Friends and family of a Lawtell man killed in the Seacor power capsize are remembering his short life and the legacy he left behind.

30-year-old Quinon Pitre’s body was found a week after the deadly disaster.

Quinon’s friends and family said he was a country man at heart, who always had a Michelob Ultra in his hand, a can of dip, and just had to be wearing his crocs.

More than anything though, Quinon loved his two little girls.

Cole DeVille, on of Pitre’s best friends, spoke to News 10 about Quinon’s legacy and gave a message to his daughters.

“If y’all’s daddy was here today, he’d tell y’all to live your lives to the fullest. No doubt about it. Don’t look back and do exactly what he’s done,” DeVille said. “Have fun, live life to the fullest, and don’t worry about anybody else.”

“He loved y’all with all of his heart and by no means would ever want to see y’all sad or cry over him. Live y’alls lives to the fullest. That’s exactly what he would say.”

Quinon’s friends say he was one of a kind.

“When somebody says the good die young, he was the definition of it right there,” DeVille said.

A true country man through and through, Quinon’s family says he was one “hell of a man.”

“His beard literally hung down to here, and he’s always got to have his beer. And he’s always raising hell,” DeVille said. “He’s always the life of the party, everywhere he goes, anything he does.”

“If you’re around him and you can’t smile, there’s something wrong, big time. There’s not a day he wasn’t smiling.”

His friends say they know he’s still smiling, smiling down from Heaven.

“I’d ask him what it’s like up there. I know he’s probably cutting up with a beer, no doubt,” DeVille said.

“Believe it or not, he always said if he ever was to die, have a keg at his funeral and make sure my casket is closed.”

DeVille said when they said goodbye to Quinon at his funeral and laid him to rest, that’s just what they did… in the only spot he’d want to be in.

“He’s surrounded by crawfish ponds and trees. It’s a beautiful place he’s buried. I promise you that.”

He says he also promises Quinon’s daughters that their dad fought hard when that lift boat capsized and knows the thought of his two little girls is what made him fight.

“He did get up, and he moved around. He did make an attempt to get out of there. I know that. I know him way better than that,” DeVille said. “He didn’t give up. There ain’t no way he gave up. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he wasn’t fighting.”

Quinon would have been turning 31 on May 30. His friends and family laid him to rest just a month before he made it to his 31st birthday.