ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Flash flooding alarmed some St. Landry Parish residents Wednesday afternoon.

One neighborhood along Highway 182 in Whiteville was forced to use sandbags and water pumps to prevent the rising water from seeping into their homes.

Residents say it only took about an hour for their yards to get seven inches of rain and say their biggest fear was water coming into the house.

“Yeah, we were very nervous,” Kevin Perry said.

Perry was one the many residents rushing to put out sandbags.

“We were lucky. We got a little bit in our carport door, and then we got a little bit in the corner of the house. But it was nothing like we did the last three times we’ve flooded. This would have been the 4th time,” he said.

He says he has been asking city and government officials for help and luckily, help arrived on time Wednesday.

“Right here, you see a lot of water, and then you look right there, we got two pumps pumping. They still got water,” Cade ‘Chalupa’ St. Cyr told News Ten. “The pumps are what saved these residents homes.”

St. Landry Parish President Jessie Bellard said getting water away from the homes and putting it to where it can start draining to I-49 was the main priority.

Bellard said the pumps, however, are just a temporary fix, as this is a common problem for homes along this highway when it rains and says the solution to this problem is digging these canals deeper.

After sandbagging the homes and pumping water away, excavators were brought in to start digging. Bellard says this should help with flash flooding in the future.

“So we’re going to come out here and take care of our portion of this, and the state is working with us on this. So I think we’re going to be able to help these people and help the community by digging these canals,” Bellard added.

Residents say they hope the solution is a permanent fix.