EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – The state will now conduct its own investigation into the Eunice daycare facing alleged mistreatment and abuse of children.

Records with the Louisiana Department of Education shows the daycare had 15 inspections visited. Out of them 9 were cited to have deficiencies

The most recent inspection was in October of last year. There were no deficiencies cited. However, in the previous year the records showed the daycare was cited for not meeting the requirements of having indoor and door areas free of hazards.

The findings, written based on observations at approximately 11:15 a.m., stated that the staff failed to have the outdoor area free of hazards as evidenced by tools, shovels, a rake and old fencing.

The corrective action plan required all hazardous items be removed from the outdoor area to ensure compliance with this regulation.

In July of last year, all staff members were cited for not having CPR certification as it is required when on the premises of the center and those with accessibility to children. 

Although the daycare had several months without issues in July 2017, there were multiple deficiencies including behavior management policy. The findings said a staff member used a prohibited method of discipline as a 3-year-old child was restrained by a high chair and physically restrained.

Based on interviews conducted, it explains a child was brought in from the playground because he was fighting with another child and once inside, he began kicking and spitting and throwing himself down on the plastic cots so the staff placed him in a high chair for approximately 3 minutes to prevent him from injuring himself.

In addition, it states the child continued to ‘pitch a fit’ and was pushing down on the high chair tray, attempting to lift himself out and the staff was concerned he would flip it so she took him out and put him in her lap and placed one arm across his body to prevent him from hitting her.

Eunice Police arrested Allysa Dupre. She is a former worker of the daycare seen in the video throwing cheese onto children’s faces. She was booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail and has bonded out.

News 10 received a statement.

“We were made aware of the video on Friday and will conduct an investigation as soon as the center reopens. They are temporarily closed until August 4 due to staffing shortages,” the statement read.