OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — Community members in Opelousas marched through the downtown area Tuesday for a prayer walk.

Community activists, leaders, and citizens prayed for peace, unity, and forgiveness.

“It’s time for us to come together and unify Opelousas. Opelousas is a great city, and I feel we have the best here. As people, we should be at our best at all times,” Opelousas Councilwoman Sherell Roberts said.

Council members and community members say they’ve seen too much violence in the city and it has to stop.

“If everybody would come together and work together, we could make this happen. Stop all this killing, all this violence. Y’all need to put down the guns and start doing more for the city. Start reliving your life because a lot of innocent people are getting killed. For what? For nothing, maybe over 50 cents,” Opelousas resident Carolyn Lee said.

Lee recalls how 4-year-old Rakatelyn Colla was killed in April after a fight between two women led to an apartment shooting that also injured three other children and killed 46-year-old Alton Thomas.

“These children never even started their life yet, and they killing them. They really need to see what they are doing to these youngsters, the older ones, everybody, and even just innocent by standing people. If you can’t go to a grocery store and you’re too scared somebody might pull out a gun and shoot, you need to realize really what you’re doing,” Lee added.

The prayer walk wrapped up with a prayer service at the Grand Theatre, where local pastors prayed for peace over the city.