EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — The family of the man killed during a graduation party in Eunice on Sunday, June 6, have released a statement mourning the loss of 32-year-old Donovan Reed.

Reed was shot in the chest and a 30-year-old who survived was shot three times in the both hands and one leg.

A 14-year-old male surrendered to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office for the crimes last Wednesday.

Larry and Veronica Reed of the victim had this to say on behalf of the family:

“Every morning when we wake up, we think about our son, Donovan. We have to remember that Donovan will not be in his chair at the table to enjoy a meal, to enjoy his relationship with his six beautiful children or to hear his sweet laughter at family gatherings. Our hearts skip a beat every time we wake up and face this new reality. We say a prayer that our beloved son does not miss us as much as we miss him.”

Since June 6th, 2021, we have to remind ourselves that life is still worth living. If not, we simply cannot begin our day. Words could never describe the pain/loss from losing a child. This tragedy hurts emotionally and physically to even make it to work or accept daily calls from friends/family. We so desperately want our life back prior to June 6th. The life we had before Donovan’s life was taken away.”

“To our community: Every citizen should be able to LIVE, work and play in their community free from fear of gun violence. Sadly at this time, shootings in Eunice are occurring more than ever before. Children are learning to carry and shoot guns rather than learning how to get a high school diploma and be successful in life. Our city is breeding younger people into perpetrators of this vicious cycle of violence that only creates losses to families.”

“NO parent should have to endure this suffering. Our elected officials and community leaders must do more to interrupt the cycles of community violence that leads to these senseless tragedies. NO one is exempt from gun violence. NO place is truly safe until an action plan exists to deter such violence.”

“On behalf of the Reed and Malveaux family, we ask our community to please respect our privacy as we continue to mourn our loss for our sweet boy. We are grateful for each and every one that has showered us with love and memories of Donovan. Lastly, we are asking our community to please share any information from that night with the proper authority in order to aid in justice for Donovan”.

-Larry and Veronica Reed, parents of Donovan Reed

The June 6 shooting happened around 12:30 A.M. According to the owner of the venue where the graduation was held, the teen was not invited to the party and he shot the men across the street outside his venue.

Police said the juvenile suspect had been reported as a missing/runaway since March 30 of this year and is known by police to associate with local gang members and drug dealers, however, this shooting is not believed to be gang related or drug related.

Additionally, neither Reed or the other victim are known to be involved in such activities, police said.

Donovan Reed was laid to rest in Mathilda Catholic Cemetery in Eunice Saturday.