OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — In Opelousas, a homeowner is waiting for help after receiving extensive water damage to her property from the car wash next door.

“I’m being drowned. My building is shaking, ” Margaret Maddie said. “My home is sitting on a lagoon. I’ve spent my retirement on this property, I can’t even sell it. I’m stuck, I’m trapped against the wall, they have me trapped inside my own property.”

Maddie said the water leaking into her house has been building up for several years since the car wash opened.

The water damaged the foundation of her home, weakened walls, and even damaged sewer lines.

Maddie also experiences health concerns from lack of sleep and the possibility of mold in the home.

“I pleaded with certified letters,” Maddie said. “I pleaded with the city, code enforcement, and zoning committee, all of them. Not one of them will help. I’ve attended the city meeting and even wrote a letter. Not any of them gave me respect.”

With her pleas for help going unanswered, Maddie said she spent all of her retirement money attempting to repair the damage and hiring crews to attempt to divert the water.

Attempts that ultimately failed.

Since her property is part of the historical district on Main Street, Maddie said she hopes to see attention given to her struggles by the city before things get worse.

“I want justice,” Maddie said. “I want everything that is ruined from the foundation of this building which is historical district property, and my parking lot that has been ruined. The cinderblock fence that’s been cracked all the way down, I just had to hire an engineer to build columns to hold it all the way up, I want a new fence. I want justice, this has destroyed my life.”

Maddie said she’s also looking to hire an attorney, should legal action be what finally creates change.