OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — After years of dealing with water related issues across the city, the approval of a new loan will finally bring a new water plant to Opelousas.

New Ten’s Zane Hogue spoke with the Mayor of Opelousas Julius Alsandor about the new water facility.

“This is huge. This is really huge. We’ll be able to address our infrastructure, starting with our water plant, something that has not been addressed in almost 30 years now,” said Alsandor.

Alsandor, along with council members and State Representative Dustin Miller, received a letter from the drinking water revolving loan fund program, informing them that the city of Opelousas will receive a 27-million-dollar loan for a new water plant.

News 10 also learns the principal forgiveness on this loan can potentially be 100%.

Alsandor says this is the result of a team effort with his staff and multiple attempts to apply for funding over the past four years.

With multiple businesses moving into the city, Alsandor says now is the perfect time to start the process of bringing better water to businesses and residents.

“Now it’s going to improve the quality of life, the quality of service. We’re working towards a better infrastructure. Do I want it to happen tomorrow? Yes. Do the people of Opelousas want it to happen since yesterday? Yes. But with anything there are steps to these processes, and this is one of the first steps here,” said Alsandor.

Alsandor says while there have been several complaints of water quality in recent years, he is happy to let residents know the end of those problems are in sight.

“It’s not going to be fixed overnight, but we’re taking steps of positivity. It’s only the first step though. Getting the financing approved was the first step. There are still the other phases that need to get done. But this is huge, and you’re going to hear me saying this many times moving forward, this is huge for the city of Opelousas and the people that we service,” said Alsandor.

Alsandor says he hopes construction to begin next year.