LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Residents of Opelousas have been dealing with draining issues during the days of heavy rain.

The drainage canals have been filled with debris, trash, uncut grass and mud which has caused overflowing and flooding to surrounding homeowners. One concerned resident stated “In the north side of Opelousas these gullies need to be cleaned. It’s a potential flooding issue for the residents. I have talked to residents that say the water will be up to their steps on a rainy day or when it rains a lot. It’s been going on for way too long and it needs to be cleaned up.”

After noticing the issue of the canals getting worse over the past few years, concerned residents began reaching out to the city of Opelousas in June. As of today, there has been no response. “Calls are going unanswered, the city council person doesn’t come look at stuff like this, since June 6th when I reached out to them I haven’t gotten a response yet,” said Opelousas resident.

Residents are continuing to worry about flooding in these canals with the amount of heavy rain the city has seen over the past week and hurricane season currently in progress. They feel the canals should be cleaned before flooding occurs, rather than waiting for disaster to strike.

“Get something done. Don’t wait until something happens to come get it clean. Get it clean before any flooding happens. We’re not even in hurricane season yet. Help out the residents, that way they don’t have to worry about if the gully is full or flooded and that it’s going to flood into their homes,” one resident expresses.

KLFY reached out to the city today and are still waiting for a comment.