OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – As Opelousas residents voice their concerns regarding drainage issues, Mayor Julius Alsandor recently responded to the complaints.

The city of Opelousas is reaching out to not only challenge themselves but also the community to keep the city clean. Mayor Julius Alsandor spoke to KLFY News 10 to respond to the complaints from residents about drainage canals being full of vegetation and debris.

“I’ve spoken to several people throughout the city and our council members and our street departments. We’ve addressed, maybe not to the full satisfaction of what our people or citizens expect and not even to my satisfaction, our canals do need some attention.,” Alsandor said.

After concerned residents on Market Street reached out about these canals, Alsandor shared that the city of Opelousas has been reaching out to a company to assess damages.

Alsandor told News 10, “We have been talking to a company that can come in and assess the damages but also assess the abundant amount of debris that we have accumulated in our canals to clean up. But it’s going to take us to try to get an outside contractor to come in and address those things.”

Alsandor recognizes the issues of personnel shortage causing time delays but wants to assure the city of Opelousas that work is being done. He is also asking for help from the community to stand together and help keep the canals and streets clear.

“It takes time, government is slow, unfortunately. And today with the shortage of personnel and the amount of debris that’s been piling up, not only on our streets but in our ditches too, it takes time to address those things. But we can’t do it by ourselves, we need the citizens of Opelousas to help us. Keep our roadways, canal ways, and waterways clear as well. Don’t contribute to the problems we already have,” he told News 10.

Mayor Alsandor added that he will continue to do his best but “community” is a team sport and will take the best efforts of everyone to make a change.