OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — Opelousas Councilman, Floyd Ford, is scheduled to appear in court following a complaint saying he is not qualified for his position.

Chad Pitre, St. Landry Parish District Attorney, said “The district attorney’s office received a written complaint from a registered voter challenging the office holder’s qualifications. And under Louisiana law, the district attorney is required to investigate this complaint and to provide and publish findings, and if the evidence is sufficient, the district attorney’s office is required to file a lawsuit in the district court seeking vacancy in that particular office.”

Pitre said his office conducted an investigation on incumbent Opelousas Councilman Floyd Ford following the complaint.

As a result of the investigation, Pitre said evidence was found showing Ford’s violation of the Larson Act.

“The Larson Act requires that an alderman or a city council member must reside in and be domiciled in that particular city and that particular district,” Pitre said.

Following these findings, Pitre said the evidence will be presented in court for a judge to decide if Ford is qualified to hold his position as councilman.

“The court will be determining whether or not this particular public official, Mr. Ford, whether or not he is qualified to hold the current position that he is in,” Pitre said. “The district attorney’s office feels confident that we have sufficient evidence to show that Mr. Ford is not domiciled within the city limits of Opelousas, but that is up to a court to decide. We’re going to bring the evidence to the court and allow the court to make that determination.”

Councilman Ford’s court date is scheduled for Nov. 28.