GRAND COTEAU, La. (KLFY) — Police are investigating a shooting in Grand Coteau that left one person dead and another wounded Tuesday night, authorities said.

News 10 understands the incident took place at a gas station on Charles Street at about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when two men started shooting at a crowd gathered at the gas station.

Authorities said Sidney Marcel died in the shooting, and an unidentified victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Shaterral Johnson, former mayor of Grand Coteau and a friend of Marcel, said she is devastated after hearing about his death.

“I’m very heartbroken and sad because Sidney didn’t deserve that,” Johnson said. “I knew him as a child through his mother and his stepfather, and he was a friend of mine.”

Johnson said the crime in the area wasn’t bad until the shooting occurred. She said, as a former mayor, one of the biggest issues in Grand Coteau is loitering.

“As a former mayor, I do know one problem that we’ve had,” she said. “People like to hang out in the parking lot here and that has been part of the major problem.”

Johnson lost her sister to violence and said will help Marcel’s family in any way that she can.

“I sympathize with the family,” Johnson said. “Because when my sister was killed I didn’t stop till I got justice and for my love. For my love for the smith family, I’m gonna get with them and assist them and tell them the different things, options there are for families that are victims of murder.”

A vigil, in response to the recent gun violence, was held Wednesday in Grand Coteau.

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