OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — In Opelousas, a new property tax being proposed in the November election is the focal point of the revive Opelousas initiative that will address issues the city has dealt with for decades.

Mayor Julius Alsandor says these millages will be put in place with specific purposes including improving the cities infrastructure, flood prevention and water line maintenance.

“We want businesses and the people of Opelousas to understand our tomorrow, the sun can shine brighter when we all invest into it. And this millage is going to help us to do this,” said Alsandor.

The millage would also dedicate more resources and higher wages to the police and fire departments as well as the marshal’s office.

“Being able to retain our firemen, retain our police men, being able to hopefully match the going rate to be able to recruit and sustain for longevity in the police, fire, and marshal’s office,” said Alsandor.

Alsandor explained it’s been over 50 years since Opelousas had millages like these in place and reintroducing them can bring benefits seen in neighboring communities.

“We know we have some problems here, and this funding mechanism that we are going to be voting on the 18th will allow us to revive. You look at this, Opelousas, as an investment not so much for today but for tomorrow. And that’s where we’re heading with this revive Opelousas millage,” added.

Alsandor hopes residents see the benefit this tax will make on the city, and let their voices be heard at the polls on November 18.

A link for more information can be found here.

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