WASHINGTON, La. (KLFY) — In Washington, parents of North Central High School are looking for change after seeing multiple videos of students fighting without supervision.

Monica Jenkins, a concerned parent, told News 10 that “There was like a miniature fight club video, kids were fighting and they were not supervised. To my understanding, they no longer have a band teacher, but there is still a band class going on. The janitor was put in place to oversee the class but…the janitor?”

With staff shortages in schools, Jenkins said that videos like these have circulated the school for quite some time, giving kids the idea this can continue.

She also said that parents were not made aware of the trouble by anyone on staff.

But while students involved in the violence have been given suspensions, there has been no word on the staff that is supposed to oversee the students.

“What adult are we going to hold accountable for kids behaving like kids when they are left unsupervised? We have to do better. We can’t operate like this, anybody could have been hurt in that room. I could have been getting a call that your son is in the hospital we need you to rush over,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins also told News 10 that she has reached out to the administration of the school on multiple occasions about the fighting but has not heard any responses.

She hopes to see accountability taken by the school staff moving forward, and more transparency with parents about problems and finding solutions.

“First thing I would like is accountability, all parents should have been notified. I wasn’t notified, I found out through a student. Even after that, I’ve asked to meet with the administration; no meeting, no follow-up, nothing. No discussion, nothing. And it shouldn’t be that way,” Jenkins said.

News 10 has reached out to the North Central High School staff, but we have not received a comment.