EMMETT, Idaho (KLFY) — An LSUE student is missing after falling off of his raft while tubing in a river in Idaho.

CBS2 reported that Everette Jackson, 21, of Raceland, fell off of his raft while tubing with friends in the Payette River Saturday, June 11. Jackson is listed on LSUE’s basketball roster as a freshman.

The Gem County Sheriff’s Office told CBS2 that they were searching part of the river for the man.

Keion Lyons, who CBS2 identified as Jackson’s niece, tweeted that Jackson went tubing on the river with his friends and girlfriend Saturday. She wrote that Jackson and his girlfriend miss their exit and paddled to the dock, “but the water was too strong.” Lyons said Jackson’s girlfriend grabbed a branch and tried to reach for him, but he was knocked by the current.

The Gem County Sheriff’s Office made a post on Facebook Monday morning warning of dangerous conditions in the Payette River. They did not mention Jackson in the post.