ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Officials in St. Landry Parish say illegal trash dumping has been a growing problem and has gotten out of control. 

Parish President Jessie Bellard says they can’t seem to get in front of the problem. “Every time we clean up an area, just give it a week, sometimes a weekend, and it is back to the way it was before,” says Bellard. He says the parish deals with about ten hotspots where trash constantly builds up. Bellard explains, “We are talking contractors that dump in the middle of the road.”

When public works is unable to remove the waste, the parish government has to then contract out a company to remove the waste. Bellard says that can get expensive. “When you throw something over a bridge, it costs about $2,500 to $3,000 a call for large equipment,” explains Bellard. 

Litter pile ups on road, causing traffic accidents, stops road work and affects drainage. He says there is a plan in place to deter the illegal litter. “What we have done is order cameras. We are placing them in certain locations. It doesn’t pay to put a camera if we can’t get a license plate,” says Bellard.

If you see any illegal dumping, contact St. Landry Parish Government or Solid Waste immediately with the location. Parish government is prepared to prosecute any violators to the fullest extent.