GRAND COTEAU, La. (KLFY) — Jeffrey Carl Guilbeau, police chief of Grand Coteau, has been arrested on drug charges, among others, by the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office, authorities said.

St. Landry Sheriff Bobby Guidroz has confirmed that Guilbeau has been arrested, and is in custody at the St. Landry Parish Jail. Guilbeau is charged with:

  • Distribution of Schedule I narcotics (2 counts)
  • Theft
  • Obstruction of Justice (3 counts)
  • Malfeasance in office (3 counts)

According to Guidroz, deputies received information from St. Landry Crime Stoppers and a confidential source that a female identified as Heather Landry would frequent a residence and was involved in the use and distribution of illegal narcotics with Guilbeau. Information was received from other confidential and anonymous sources, authorities said.

During undercover surveillance, officers observed Guilbeau arrive at the residence in a marked Grand Coteau Police unit. Detectives then conducted a “knock and talk” at the residence. Landry and Guilbeau were detained at the residence and agreed to talk to officers, authorities said. 

Guidroz said Landry began cooperating with officers and wanted to talk to officers regarding her Guilbeau’s involvement in illegal drug and criminal activity.

Guilbeau was confronted with the information officers had regarding the charges, and he decided to give officers information confirming his illegal actions and activities, according to Guidroz. 

Shortly after midnight, Guilbeau was booked and jailed on the above charges. Guilbeau has been released on bond, set at $15,500.

This investigation continues, and Guidroz said more charges may be filed along with other individuals involved in this case.

“We have a lot of people to talk to, so we’ll keep the public posted,” said Guidroz. “We’re not sure how long this is going to take us. There’s a lot of information that we’re looking at. I can tell you one thing, we’re going to be very thorough.”

Previously, Guilbeau submitted a letter of resignation to Mayor Patrick Richard, but later retracted the resignation and resumed duty on June 28.