UPDATE 8:54 p.m.: Water has been restored, according to United Water.

ARNAUDVILLE, La. (KLFY) – As United Water Service is trying to restore water to Arnaudville, residents frustration continues to grow.

Within the past two hours, United Water Service was trying to restore water to Arnaudville. During the fix, it was found that a transformer malfunctioned, causing the water system to shut down.

Arnaudville resident Brandy Alexander told KLFY News 10 that residents are fed up.

“We pay extra money for, you know, safe water, and none of the water is safe to drink. It is barely even safe to brush your teeth with, so you can’t get any answers from them often, so I mean, I think people are just fed up at this point,” Alexander said.

News 10 reported a similar situation with United Water when the main water well busted in July. News 10 spoke to a United Water representative who said that the other day, there was an air compressor issue.

Alexander said that these issues have just recently started this year.

“It has not always been this way. The last year and a half, it has been really bad.”

William Jarrell, a United Water consultant told News 10 that a solution to the ongoing issue is the lack of water filters.

“the system has a one point $4 Million project that is currently in the design phase. The funds are going to be used to install additional treatment units,” Garrell said.

For Alexander, she just wants the company to communicate with her and other residents.

“What I would rather, if there is going to be an issue or they know there is a known issue, rather than leaving us in the blind. Use the Facebook page. They have their own Facebook page. Give your community the ability to have some time to adjust or something,” she said.

United Water was going to hold a public meeting tonight, but with the malfunction of the transformer, the meeting has been postponed.