EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — We all hope to live a life that will still impact people even when we’re no longer here. For Lt. Robert Brickley with the Eunice Police Department, it’s only been a few weeks since his passing but his impact on his community lives on.

Brickley spent years serving his community through his job as a police officer for the Eunice Police Department. Not only did he help protect his community from violence, but it was also his mission to serve everyone he encountered.

Brickley recently passed away due to health complications, but those he impacted live to tell his story. For Ashley St. Cyr and her adpoted daughter Lilly, 9, Brickley leaves an unforgettable legacy.

“We are forever thankful for him. He is truly a special person, and we will miss him dearly,” said Ashley St. Cyr.

One day while on patrol, Brickley noticed a happy birthday sign in a yard.

“I told him it was my birthday, and that I had never had a birthday before,” said Lilly St. Cyr.

Due to Lilly’s upbringing, she did not have the best relationship with police officers. Her mother says Lilly immediately opened to Brickley and shared her story. Brickley was determined to change her outlook on law enforcement. He did just that.

“He surprised me with all of the police officers and firemen, and they gave me a parade,” explained Lilly.

Brickley also contacted local businesses to add to Lilly’s special day. Both Lilly and Ashley St. Cyr say although he is gone, what he did for Lilly that day will never be forgotten.

“We were very surprised, and it’s a day that we will never forget,” said Ashley St. Cyr.

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says Brickley understood the meaning of servanthood, and he will be missed.