OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – The family of a missing Opelousas man is crying out for answers. They say they believe he’s dead, but his case is nowhere near closed.

The family of 36-year-old Wilfred Kinnerson III says he spent the night at a friend’s in Bastrop, Louisiana, on October 3, 2021.

The next day, he texted his daughter that he was on his way home to Opelousas. That was the last time anyone heard from him. When he didn’t pick up his daughter from school, his family reported Kinnerson missing. Days later, his car was found abandoned in Opelousas.

Kinnerson’s family believes they know what happened to him but still do not have justice. His sister says the week of Christmas, she got an anonymous call. That person told her she could find her brother’s body on Harris road in Collinston, Louisiana, a town near Bastrop. Kinnerson’s sister says says police found a body there soon after.

On December 23, she says law enforcement brought her and her family in to take DNA samples. It’s been five months, and they’re still waiting for those results to find out if this is, in fact, her brother. “I strongly believe that’s my brother. I do not want this case to go cold. I want arrests to be made. I need closure for my family. I need my brother’s soul to be at rest and to be at peace because this has gone on too long,” Wilfred Kinnerson’s sister, Angie Kinnerson, said.

Angie has been fighting to solve her brother’s case since he went missing. She says she’s been waiting for nearly half a year to find out if the body found in Collinston was, in fact, her brother, through DNA analysis. She says, however, investigators are not communicating with her.

“I want him buried. I want him buried so I can go and see him when I want. I just need closure. It hurts so bad. I just love him so much, and it’s sad how someone can just take a life from you and no arrests are made. I cannot stop until arrests are made. I cannot. It’s not fair, and I’m not letting this case go cold,” Angie said.

She says her life has been put on hold since this development in her brother’s case and says it will stay on hold until she gets answers. Until then, she says she’ll keep his name alive. She wants her brother, who she called Sweetie, to know she isn’t giving up on getting justice. “I would tell Sweetie that I wish we had more time together, and I love him so much. I’m trying my best to bring closure with him, and I just need help and strength from him so I can finish this through,” Angie added.

While Bastrop Police are investigating Wilfred Kinnerson’s missing person’s case, Opelousas Police are also working to find out what happened. Opelousas police say Wilfred Kinnerson’s family’s DNA was sent to an LSU crime lab. They do not know how long it will take for the results to come back.