EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — A Eunice Walmart is the latest victim in an ongoing issue of people putting credit card skimmers on top of card payment machines in an attempt to steal money and personal information.

Eunice police posted images of surveillance video inside the Walmart, showing two unidentified suspects distracting the cashier and installing the card skimming device before leaving the store and running towards a nearby shopping center where they were no longer seen on video.

As the search continues for the suspects, Chris Babin with the Better Business Bureau said reports of businesses dealing with this type of crime has continued to increase each year as less and less people pay with cash.

“Last year in 2022, there were over 161,000 reports throughout the country of those types of devices being installed at the point-of-sale systems,” Babin said.

In cases like this where a card reader was placed in a grocery store, customers review the fraudulent activity and trace it back to the store by monitoring their bank account.

There are also tips both customers and business owners can use to prevent these types of crimes from taking place.

“As a consumer, a lot of times you’ll see security tape and things that are on there to let you know it hasn’t been tampered with so that’s something to look out for before swiping or inserting your card,” Babin said. “A business, just know these people are good and it doesn’t take them long to tamper with the device, so keep them in public sight. Even if you have cameras, make sure the cameras are able to catch that activity just in case something like this happens.”

Customers are also advised to shake the card reader before inserting your card. If it’s loose it may have been tampered with.

Anyone with information regarding the identity or location of the two suspects is asked to contact the Eunice Police Department.

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