EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – A local nursing home in Eunice teamed with first responders to hold an active emergency drill.

With help from St. Landry Parish, law enforcement, Eunice Fire Department, and MedExpress, Eunice Manor holds two emergency drills each year dealing with active shooters and emergencies, such as fire and weather.

Members of the staff are assigned responsibilities to make sure residents can follow evacuation plans while providing information to first responders dealing with injuries.

Nickie Toups, the Administrator for Eunice Manor told News 10, “I think it’s vital to the success of a successful evacuation of our facility in an emergency. We need all hands on deck and our local officials are a vital part of our community.”

Toups said these drills will help residents and staff stay prepared in a world where emergency protocol is more important than ever.

With drills taking place more often, Marvin Richard with MedExpress, said first responders can show the community they are ready anytime emergency strikes.

Saying, “It showed unity within the community. Different agencies came to make sure that if anything would happen that we would be able to clear out the nursing home and save lives.”