EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — Eunice Manor Nursing Home is currently reporting zero COVID positive cases. Administrator Nickie Toups said it has been about five months since they’ve reported a case among residents. However, there are new concerns as cases rise in the area once again.

The nursing home continues doing everything it can to keep the virus out. 

“COVID just added to all the other things we’ve been trying to protect our elderly against for years,” Toups explained.

Last week, St. Landry Parish reported 51 new cases, averaging seven new cases per day. That number, however, does not include all at-home positive tests. 

Those are numbers Toups takes into consideration as she works to maintain a safe and COVID-free nursing home. 

Toups explained that she checks case numbers on a daily basis so she can give direction to her staff and family members accordingly.

Eunice Manor is 100% vaccinated among their house guests and staff. 

Under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, “fully vaccinated” is now defined as anyone who has completed their initial vaccine series and their first booster shot, but secondary booster shots are also available for certain at-risk individuals and elderly people.

Toups told News 10 that the results of the vaccination look promising for Eunice Manor. The nursing home has not reported a new case since January.

On Tuesday, residents rolled up their sleeves for another layer of protection. “We’re doing everything we can do to keep COVID out,” Toups said. “We gave residents and staff members over 50 their 2nd booster.”

Despite low numbers and their vaccination status, Eunice Manor is keeping their COVID protocols and or restrictions in place: 

  • Visitors must use the front door 
  • Temperatures will be checked 
  • Double masking 
  • Voluntary rapid testing is available 

“We have to move forward,” Toups said. “We have to do what we can and do what we know works.”