EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – A father in Eunice is speaking out, after he says his two teenage daughters were attacked at their home after school on Wednesday afternoon.

All of the teens involved attend Eunice High School. The alleged attack was captured on video. It took place on W. Magnolia street on Wednesday afternoon. The video shows three girls fighting together against Allyssa Fontenot, 15, and her sister Asia Fontenot, 17. The three girls can be seen landing several punches, pummeling the Fontenot sisters.

“I knew that she brought this army of people. I knew that I wasn’t going to win, but I should at least try,” said freshman Allyssa Fontenot. Fontenot also says all of it started earlier that day at the school,  where she says one of the girls that attacked her made a violent threat against her, and words were exchanged.

After students were released for the day, a group of teenagers went to her house, and coaxed Allyssa to come outside. Asia came outside to defend her. “I know they are young, and they do things not thinking,” said Patrick Fontenot, the girls’ father. “I think they need to be reprimanded. I think they should be prosecuted, just to be taught a lesson.”

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says his investigators took the video to the school to positively identify the juveniles involved. They could face simple battery charges.