EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – A Eunice daycare is being investigated by police after videos surfaced showing young children being mistreated. A former employee at Pumpkin Patch Daycare of Eunice sent News 10 videos of toddlers and young children having slices of cheese thrown on their faces, being intentionally frightened to the point of tears and taped to a chair.

Police Chief Kyle LeBouef said Eunice Police were made aware of the videos.

“We do have the videos and they’re very disturbing to watch,” LeBouef said. “An innocent child shouldn’t have to go through that. Especially if someone put that child in someone else’s care.”

LeBouef said the department has opened an investigation into the Pumpkin Patch Daycare of Eunice to see if charges can be brought against the adults shown in the videos, some of whom are seen laughing while the children are in tears.

“Right away you’re looking at child neglect or child abuse.” he said. “Certainly, within those stature but that’s to be determined later.”

LeBouef said the department was sent additional videos and got calls from concerned parents about the daycare. News 10 went by the daycare to see if someone was available to comment, but no one was there. Whether or not the daycare is closed is unclear.

LeBouef said since he’s been the chief of police, this is the first incident where his department has been notified of something like this.

“We’re going to look at the videos and try to determine exactly when this happened,” LeBouef said. “From our understanding it could possibly be quite old but that doesn’t matter when it comes to criminal charges.”