EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – The funeral is canceled, was designed to bring awareness to the violence in our country in a live realistic demonstration with a powerful message. A message pastor Lawrence Levy and others in the community are stressing to stop the gun violence in Eunice.

“Canceling the funeral is an opportunity for us to take a real in-depth look at what the reality really is in our community,” said Byron Morgan.

“I think that this reenactment of violent crimes stem from different situations will wake up not only some of the young people but also the adults, said Pastor Lawrence Levy of Freedom World Ministry. A re-enactment called the funeral is canceled—a movement to stop the violence. Pastor Lawerence levy says he has been doing this event for a year and a half.

 “Eunice is suffering from the same problem that we’re suffering worldwide, which is an epidemic of murder with young black men you know killing each other,” said Pastor Levy. 

“The gun violence has stopped; it does. It has touched so many people in Eunice. I mean, the numbers are getting up there, and it all begins with us, especially the older generation,” said Natalie Johnson, a business owner. 

The most recent person killed in gun violence in Eunice was 17-year-old Tyvon Favors. His mother was there in support.

“She loved it, and she was really grateful. She was thankful, and she just literally told me that she appreciates me for caring so much to come out here and do exactly what we did today,” said Pastor Levy.

The event touched home for many people like Natalie Johnson, who is a nearby business owner. She says she lost her son to gun violence. “It really showed us exactly what goes on with these kids growing up and gun violence, and it’s a realistic moment for us without it actually being real,” she said.

Marcus Thomas joined the movement after losing someone. “I was close to someone around here that passed away around here, and I wanted to get involved in the movement and helping people and making people do some changing,” said Thomas.

Strong messages of “it’s not ok. Carrying a gun is not ok. going to jail, it’s not ok.” The movement’s effort is to bring change. “Let’s come together, let’s sit down at a table with the concerned citizens of this community so that we can make it better and healthy,” said Morgan.

“It’s kids, y’all, so the best thing to do is grab one of them and teach them to do better,” said Johnson.