CROWLEY, La (KLFY)– An elderly couple in Crowley has a problem with broken-up cars being dumped near their home.

Betty and Troy Evans say they enjoy sitting on their porch and looking outside, but when they look across the street, their view is full of junk cars, broken trailers, and tires that have been dumped and left unattended.

“It seems like the more we say about it, the more he goes and gets stuff and parks it.”

The Evans’ say they are fed up with seeing junk cars, loose material, and trash when they walk outside of their front door. In addition to lose tires, the trailers, and trucks being a concern they worry loose debris could get in their yard and be a hazard.

“It worries me because I see tin coming down the road, tin flying off the building across the road. Everything on them trailers can fly if we have a bad hurricane or something.”

Not only are the Evans’ concerned with the junk cars, but she says she’s seen rodents such as rats, possums, other animals coming from across the street. She says it’s such a bother, they’ve thought about leaving the area.

“I hate it. I’m to the point I even thought about selling and moving.”

Evans say she and her husband have tried to reach out to the owner of the lot to let him know about their concerns, as well speak with city officials about it. She says they’ve been told things like this takes time to clean up. We reached out to Crowley’s Mayor Chad Monceaux for a statement and was told:

“Unfortunately I am unable to comment at this time due to current litigation on the matter which preceded my administration.”

Because the lot where the cars are parked is near a railroad track, there is a question if the cars are even allowed to be there. Evans say she does not have a problem with the owner of the junk cars, she just has an issue with the cars being dumped near her home when it shouldn’t be.

“They good people, it’s just the trash he’s got out there.”

We reached out to BNSF who owns the railroad tracks to see if the cars being parked near the railroad is allowed, but we were unable to get a spokesperson.