(KLFY)- Starting last week, the St. Landry Parish Animal Shelter temporarily stopped taking in animals.

Parish President Jessie Bellard told News 10 the shelter is at capacity, housing over 100 animals.

“There is too much coming in and not enough people to help. We can’t take in animals if we can’t take care of them,” Bellard says.

Bellard continued, “We need people that want to work.”

He said the goal is to be back at normal operations starting next week.

“I’m asking if there is a stray at your house, please keep it there. If it is a vicious complaint, we will take care of it,” added Bellard.

Bellard said help is coming from other entities in the parish.

“I spoke with the sheriff. They will supply trustees. I will pay the deputy,” Bellard explained.

At least three to four trustees will be on-site daily.

Bellard said, “We know people will be there working. Without the sheriff, we would have a problem”

Currently, the shelter has five employees on payroll.

“They are dedicated. They are the first ones there in the morning and the last to leave,” added Bellard.

He said he hopes to employ at least eleven to meet the shelter’s need.

Bellard continued, “We are paying top rate for this job. People just don’t want to work.”

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